Walter & Lisa Sanford

825 S. Chicago Ave. 

Kankakee, IL

Victorian cast iron planters and Victorian “ruins” scattered among lush shrubs of hydrangeas, lilacs, boxwoods and butterfly bushes compliment this 1898 Hunter-Hattinburg Queen Anne Victorian home.  At the river, see rare indigenous granite borders and a sunken patio with a fire pit. A “rock man” waves at boaters.  An original Dodson Bird House and bird bath can be seen along the path. 



Ray & Pat Eads 

1236 Cobb Blvd. 

Kankakee, IL

Approaching the Eads residence, one is struck by the symmetry and formality of the home and landscape.  The less formal back yard overlooking the Kankakee River provides a cornucopia of color and textures in the many meticulous perennial beds.  Take special note of the pendulous conifers in the center of the yard. 



Dr. Joseph & Kathy Meisenbach 

1195 S. Poplar Ave. 

Kankakee, IL

Evolving over the course of 35 years, this garden has undergone many changes.  Presently, a variety of large conifers reign at the back of the property.  Alongside roses and perennials a 23 year old beech pleach and espaliered fruity trees stand as decades-old evidence of this garden’s original design.  Succulents are recent additions. 



Gary & Jeannine Burton 

3758 Serenity Pkwy. 

Kankakee, IL   

In this lovely woodland garden, drifts of spring wildflowers coexist with large natural beds of shrubs, perennials and ornamental plants.  Designed for viewing from every window of the house, the garden features several key seating areas and cool, shaded places for summer entertaining. 



Rita Kroesch 

2512 N. 3750 W. Road 

Kankakee, IL 

A stone paved walkway bordered by a boxwood hedge leads to the front of this cottage style home.  A lily bed of some 300 bulbs is ablaze with color in July.  Many types of hydrangea, hosta and bleeding heart adorn the garden along with ivy, grapevine and clematis.  A secluded seating area provides respite. 



Maternity BVM Church 

Fr. Richard Pighini 

307 East Marsile 

Bourbonnais, IL 

One of the oldest architectural structures of the Kankakee/Bourbonnais area.  Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is surrounded by lovely gardens.  Enjoy a quiet stroll in the Cemetery Garden with its century-old grotto; sit for a while in the enclosed Pastor’s Garden with its treasured espaliered pear tree; walk along the Bridal Wreath Garden containing a variety of hosta and hydrangea. 



The Daily Journal’s 

Stonebrook Farm 

2895 N. 3750 W. Road 

Kankakee, IL 

On State Route 113, about six miles northwest of Kankakee, there is a property nestled along Wiley Creek, consisting of a limestone house and a matching barn that is tucked into a rolling hillside.  This scenic place historically known as Wiley Creek Farm, was purchased by the daily Journal in 1980 and renamed Stonebrook Farm.  The farm, now consisting of 35 acres, has long intrigued passersby.  With two of the oldest structures in the county, dating back to the 1850’s, it has captures the hearts of many area residents who appreciate the beauty of the limestone buildings and the quiet, rolling prairie thy rest on.  It was the inspiration behind the Daily Journal’s Stonebrook Farm series, which focuses on organic practices and a 2,500 square foot garden bursting with fresh produce.