Constitution and Bylaws

ARTICLE 1 – Name and Object  

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Kankakee Kultivators. 

Section 2. The purpose is to foster knowledge and love of gardening, to further community beautification and to aid in protection of trees, wildflowers and birds. 


ARTICLE 2 – Membership 

Section 1. Members must be interested in gardening, participate in Garden Walk held by Kultivators, and serve as host or hostess for one meeting. 

Section 2. A person interested in membership shall attend one meeting as a guest.  At a subsequent second meeting, the person shall notify the Membership Chairman of their desire for membership in the Club.  The Membership chairman shall announce and welcome the person as a new active member.  The new member shall remit appropriate dues to the Treasurer. 

Section 3. Resignation from membership shall be made in writing to Membership Chairman. 

Section 4. Members to remain on the active list should attend a minimum of three meetings per year.  Members who do not attend three meetings could be responsible for special projects. 

Section 5. If a member resigns for good reason, and at the time of such resignation, states in writing that such member will desire membership at some future date, then the name of member so resigning shall be placed on the inactive list. 

Section 6. There shall be an associate membership available to all present and past members of the Kankakee Kultivators who have served fifteen (15) years or more.  This membership shall have all privileges of active members other than the voting privilege. 

     Those desiring to become associate members shall so state in writing to the executive board.  Application for associate membership must be made by November 1st in any calendar year. 

     All associate members must attend one meeting per year and must participate in the Garden Walk yearly. 

Section 7. There shall be a life time membership available after 20 years of membership (active or associate).  A member may petition the executive board in writing to become a life member.  There are no commitments. 


ARTICLE 3 – Officers 

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be president, first vice-president and program chairman, second vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, who shall be nominated in October and elected in November.  Election shall be by ballot, except that, if only one candidate for each office is nominated, election may be by voice.  The secretary shall be responsible for keeping a record of number of meetings each member attends. 

Section 2. The term of office shall be one (1) year.  No officer may serve more than two (2) terms consecutively. 

Section 3. The executive board shall consist of the five officers and the chairmen of the standing committees. This board shall transact all routine business. 

Section 4. The retiring president shall automatically become the second vice-president for the year succeeding their term as president. 

Section 5. (a) The standing committees shall be: Budget, 

Constitution and By-Laws/Parliamentary Authority, Membership, 

Publicity, Programs, Column Garden/Let Freedom Ring Garden. 

(b) The special committees shall be: Audit, Awards, Community Arts Council, Flower Show, Historian and Scrapbook, Hostess, Horticulture, Libraries and Properties, Nominating, Yearbook, and Website. 

(c) The special projects shall be: City Beautification, Garden Walk, Geranium Sale, Gallery of Trees, and Plant Sale. 

(d) All committee chairmen are to be appointed by the president. 

Section 6. Vacancies occurring in any elective office shall be filled through an appointment by the executive board for the unexpired term. 


ARTICLE 4 – Dues 

Section 1. The annual dues for a regular member shall be twenty-five ($25) dollars per year payable at the December meeting each year. 

Section 2. The annual dues for an associate member shall be forty ($40) dollars per year payable at the December meeting each year. 

Section 3. The annual dues for a life member is a one-time fee of one hundred and twenty-five ($125) dollars. 

Section 4. New members elected to membership after July 1st shall pay the sum of fifteen ($15) dollars for dues. 

Section 5. Regular members and associate members who have not paid their dues by the March meeting shall forfeit membership. 


ARTICLE 5 – Meetings 

Section 1. Only the Executive Board shall meet in January. 

Section 2. The General meetings will be held each month from February through December, on the second Thursday of the month. 

Section 3. Election of officers will be held at November meeting.  

Section 4. The new officers shall be installed at the meeting in December. 


ARTICLE 6 – Quorum 

Section 1. One-third (1/3) of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any club meeting. 

Section 2. A simple majority of the executive board shall constitute a quorum. 


ARTICLE 7 – Amendments 

The constitution may be amended at a regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been presented in writing at the previous meeting. 






  1.  A Standing Rule may be rescinded by a majority vote at any general meeting. 
  2. Current members giving a program for the club will be reimbursed fifty ($50) dollars, plus expenses.   
  3. Current members, who have loved ones pass, will receive fifty ($50) dollars from the club. 
  4. Website officer will receive two-hundred ($200) dollars per years for services rendered. 
  5. Any club expense over three-hundred ($300) dollars, not budgeted, must be approved by one third (1/3) vote of the active membership at a general meeting.