With committee of two, review the treasurer's book by February 1st and prepare a statement of audit for the February meeting.  



1. Apply for GCI and NGC awards 

    a. Prepare books of evidence 

    b. Work closely with committee chairmen regarding preparation and submission

        of evidence for awards - well in advance of project. 

2. Keep notebook for criteria of awards - See Fall Garden Glories and GCI website. 

3. Prepare a list of all GCI and NGC awards received and give it to Yearbook

    chairman by November 1st.



Review the Treasurer's book by February 1st and prepare a budget for the February meeting.



Design, organize and plant annuals in downtown Kankakee and at the Depot outdoor containers.



1. Serve as liaison with the Kankakee Valley Park District and Kankakee County

    Museum and meet at least once annually to determine the needs of the gardens. 

2. Work with funds from the Kankakee Kultivators and the Kankakee

    County Museum to prioritize fund utilization to fulfill determined objectives.

3. Organize and provide workers to perform upkeep as required, especially for the

    plants in the gardens.



Be a liaison between the Arts Council and the Kultivators and report significant events.



1. Be familiar with the byLaws

2. Suggest any needed changes or updates.

3. See that Robert's Rules of Order is the authority of the Kankakee Kultivators in all

    matters not covered by these bylaws, Standing Rules or any public law.



  1. Appointed by the President.  Appoint all committee chairmen.
  2. Follow required state and national procedures for flower shows.
  3. Secure, organize and create, with approval of club President, scope and site of show.
  4. Is present at all times during the show to handle problems and questions.


  1. Secure a tree in the annual "Gallery of Trees" event held by the Kankakee County Historical Society.
  2. Design, plan and decorate the Christmas tree. 


Chair & Co-Chair:
1. Determine Garden Walk venue

2. Get insurance for the participating gardens through GCI

3. Select the theme of the Garden Walk

4. Determine box lunch venue, cost and contract

5. Order Stones for the participating gardens

Selection Committee:

Visit and select gardens the summer prior to the Garden Walk


Faire Vendors Committee:
1. Send invitation letters to past vendors

2. Find new vendors

Ticket Design Committee:

Work with the other Garden Walk committees to obtain ticket information - garden descriptions, map, etc.

Ticket Sales:

1. Deliver tickets to businesses for selling

2. Identify new businesses to participate in ticket sales

Hostess Assignment Committee:

Recruit Kultivator members to host each garden during the Garden Walk


Signage & Map Committee:

1. Design the map & directions for the ticket
2. Place signs to guide visitors, as needed

Luncheon Site Committee:

Design the decorations for the Civic Center and the Preview Party


Member Lunches Committee:

Collect Garden Walk lunch payment from members

Preview Party Committee:

1. Secure venue for the party for the evening before the Garden Walk

2. Send out invitations

3. Order and pick up chicken from best venue

4. Buy tablecloths, plates and silverware, as needed

5. Set up the morning of the party with decorations provided by the Luncheon

    Site Committee

6. Clean up and take down tables after the party

Publicity Committee:

1. Send information to area publications, GCI and other garden clubs

2. Distribute signs/posters to local businesses

Raffle Committee:
1. Send letters to businesses that have donated prizes previously

2. Send requests to members to donate prizes

3. Asses existing raffle items stored from prior years to determine needs

4. List all donors in a poster for display at the Garden Walk and for the website


Garden Description Committee:

Visit the gardens and their owners to work on the descriptions for the tickets and the website

Clean Up & Take Down Committee:

Recruit members to help clean up the lunch venue

Purchase various annual plants and planters for sale to members and public.

1. Clip all publicity for the Kultivators from area publications 
2. Keep any and all documents for the posterity of the Club 
3. See that everything gets into storage. 


1. Prepare a hint for each meeting, except special events

2. Advise members of any events which may be of interest



1. Assign hostesses for each meeting except December and January

2. Remind hostess committee one week before each meeting

3. Provide hostess list to the Yearbook chairman by November 1st


1. Keep charge of the storage facility. 

2. Keep all books, yearbooks and scrapbooks. 

3. Keep track of all properties belonging to Kultivators. 



1. Maintain a current membership list of active, associate and life members.

2. Present the membership list to the Yearbook chairman by November 1st. 

3. Send names and addresses of new members to the Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.

4. Remember members with greeting cards, as needed.



The committee shall nominate a president, first vice-president, secretary and treasurer by October. They shall be elected in November.



1. Coordinate the annual educational plant sales, which educate and inform the public

    on various plants and their care.

2. Sell garden plants and house plants at the Rhubarb Festival in May and the

    Strawberry Festival in June.  



1. Choose 10 programs for the year (except January and June). 

2. Contact all speakers. Send two copies of the contract: One to be retained by the 

    speaker; one returned to Chair.

3. Arrive early at meetings to assist speaker.  Stay after program to assist speaker. 

4. Introduce speakers with their resumè of qualifications.

5. Present list of programs (Title, location, date, speaker’s name and address) to
chairman by November 1st. 

6. Secure date for the Holiday Luncheon at the Kankakee Country Club



1. Publicize all meetings, special events and flower shows 

2. Arrange for photographers for special events and follow through with the

    contract at the event 

3. Keep clippings of all publicity; give to Awards chairman


1. See that the annual webiste fee is paid.

2. Maintain website with frequent updates and pictures of Kultivators' and

    GCI events.



1. Prepare yearbook for printing with all pertinent updates. 

2. Get yearbook printed and to Membership Chairman for distribution to membership.